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Use our Knee Pain Assessment to create a report for your doctor.


If you have osteoarthritis knee pain, knowing how to talk about it with your doctor is essential to getting the relief you need. Remember, your doctor depends on you to share pertinent information in order to best treat your knee pain. Our Knee Pain Assessment can help you gather the right information for — and from — your doctor, so you can make your next appointment a success.

Start your Knee Pain Assessment

This tool will help you create and print a personalized knee pain report to help you talk to your doctor and get the most out of your next appointment.

Completing and printing the Knee Pain Assessment can help you: 

  • Describe your knee pain in detail so your doctor can recommend a treatment plan that is appropriate for your level of pain. 
  • Remember what treatments you’ve already tried. It’s important for your doctor to know what medications you’re taking, how many and in what quantity, and whether or not they’re helping to relieve your osteoarthritis knee pain. 
  • Identify your knee pain relief goals, so you and your doctor can discuss treatment options that could help you get back to the activities you’re missing due to knee pain. 

Don’t forget to bring the printed knee pain assessment to your next doctor’s appointment. 


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