Meet patients who fought back against osteoarthritis knee pain.

Charlotte R

Charlotte R.

“My husband and I used to walk a lot when we traveled, but because my knee would start hurting too much too quickly, we couldn’t even go to museums anymore.”

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Steve S

Steve S.

“For years, I took ibuprofen, naproxen, all kinds of things. I tried steroid injections, but I still needed prescription pain relievers on top of them.”

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Dr M

Dr. Jennifer Madden

“Having the same condition puts me in touch with my patients.”

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Mike C

Mike C.

“It was a lot more difficult to run the farm. Getting up and down off equipment, all the heavy lifting. You need your knees. The next morning I’d try to get out of bed and — ouch.”

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Ed B

Ed B.

“The gym that I go to has two huge sets of stairs, and I kind of had to pull myself up the rail. There’s an elevator, but I hate to go to the gym and take the elevator.”

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Ellen E

Ellen E.

“I’d try the stairs when I took the subway, and sometimes I had to go down them sideways. It was just so painful.”

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Trudy K

Trudy K.

“It was really hard to keep moving because I was in pain. It was even painful to stand in the kitchen and cook dinner.”

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