Meet patients who fought back against osteoarthritis knee pain.


Ellen E, 62, New York

Synvisc-One Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Story - Ellen E
“I’d try the stairs when I took the subway, and sometimes I had to go down them sideways. It was just so painful.”

Pain in the city

Before retiring this year, Ellen worked in The City that Never Sleeps: New York, New York. But it was knee pain, not taxis and tourists that started to slow her down. “I’d try the stairs when I took the subway, and sometimes I had to go down them sideways. It was just so painful.”

It was tough for Ellen to even get to work and back, never mind enjoying all that the city had to offer. “I’d always be thinking there were this many more steps before I got to the office or that many before I got home. The pain just consumes you.”

Doctor’s orders

She talked to her doctor, and he recommended exercise to help relieve her osteoarthritis knee pain. “I was told that you have to strengthen the muscles that hold the knee joint.” But it’s hard to exercise when you’re in pain. “Going to the gym — that was definitely when my knee hurt. You just don't want to do these activities, and you don't really keep it up.”

She took anti-inflammatory medication but didn’t like the side effects. “It's not my thing, having to pop a pill in the morning, a pill at night because of osteoarthritis knee pain.”

Standing up

So Ellen took matters into her own hands and went to an orthopaedic surgeon. “He said he could see I had osteoarthritis, and that was really the pain I was experiencing.”

But when the doctor suggested knee replacement surgery, Ellen said she didn’t want to do that. “I said that maybe eventually I’ll need it. But I'm 62 years old now. I think I'm a little too young and would rather exhaust my other options first.”

So Ellen went online to find a solution. “I was actually the one that brought up trying Synvisc-One® (hylan G-F 20) to my doctor.” And her doctor agreed to give it a try.

Staying strong

Ellen had her injection and was thrilled to finally find osteoarthritis knee pain relief. "It was just amazing. With less knee pain I’m now back to going to the gym three times a week.  I’m so happy to not have to plan around my osteoarthritis knee pain anymore. I go to the gym three times a week; I take classes; I ride the bike. I don’t have to plan around my osteoarthritis knee pain anymore.”

She also has some advice for other osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers: “Just get as much information as you can and don't assume your doctor will tell you about every treatment option. You really have to educate yourself and be your own advocate.”

PLEASE NOTE: This article is a testimonial of one patient’s story and her experience with Synvisc-One. Individual results may vary.

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