A Doctor's OA Insights


Dr. DiNubile is an orthopedic surgeon who has helped countless patients find relief for their osteoarthritis knee pain.

In this video, he answers common patient questions about osteoarthritis knee pain and treatment, such as: What causes osteoarthritis, why ignoring it is bad, what you can do about it, and what your doctor needs to know.

Watch to learn more about osteoarthritis knee pain. And find out how to get more out of the next visit with your own knee doctor.

A Doctor's OA Insights

Get a quick overview of Synvisc-One.

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Dr. DiNubile is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine in private practice in Havertown, Pennsylvania, and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. DiNubile has been chosen in "Best Doctors in America" as well as "Guide to America's Top Surgeons".

He is the author of the bestselling book, Framework—Your 7 Step Program for Healthy Muscles, Bones & Joints (Rodale) and is Executive Producer and host of the award winning national PBS television special, Your Body's FrameWork.